Music Review. | Thirsty Hearts. | Thorin Loeks.

In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Enriched by the wilderness, Thorin Loeks is working to tame his artistic integrity. The Canadian crooner, taps his creative insight and welcomed the world to explore, Thirsty HeartsThis debut album from the adventurous artist demonstrates an acute account of his bold determination.

Throughout the eight track endeavor, the 20-something songwriter pushes his penned perspective.  Loeks is left pondering, “...I’m left wondering Why keep dreaming to live / instead of living our dreams and the lives that we love…,” on the album’s opening track, “Thirsty Hearts.” As he robustly questions simplicity versus a cluttered existence, “Bare Bones” and “Crossroads,” become tangled.

The unexpected upswing on “For Love,” showcases a glimpse into the depth of Thor’s creative abilities. Followed by “Burst Like A Bubble,” decrepit dreams still broadcast shadowed annoyance. Fret not, because magic soon happens as “These Crazy Days” begins. As an artist, everything that Thorin has been working to cultivate is effortlessly blended. When Thirsty Hearts finds its culminating songs, “Break Free” and “Warmer World, the Communications major is effectively doing just that.

With emerging astuteness, within his music Thorin Loeks, is learning to better balance the cynicism of living in a fallen state with love, kindness, gratitude.

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