The Pie Hole. | The Best Healthy Turkey Chili by Ambitious Kitchen.

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With the summer now being a distant memory and the weather officially cooling off, it’s time to think about staying warm. Now, we all have our ways of fighting off the frost. Some of us throw on the thickest coat we can find while some of us rely on a steady in take of warm, rich foods that ultimately leads to us to packing on the pounds—just like nature intended. Chili, has beans which are legumes, a food that has all the benefits of red meat and keeps you looking young!

But staying warm via a warm, rich diet doesn’t always have to you plump. Today’s featured recipe comes from Monique of Ambitious Kitchen and is great way to rebuff Old Man Winter without falling into the arms of obesity. Dubbed “The Best Healthy Turkey Chili,” this recipe is indeed the best way to stay warm and healthy.

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