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Contemporary and Mastery: An Interview with artist Anh Ta

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What does it mean to have mastery in today’s culture? In a time where interdisciplinary art dabbles rather than develop in a highly skilled art making field, how does mastery service the artist? The narrative in the contemporary arts, challenges and creates new context for how we derive its function.  New York based artist Anh Ta, embraces that challenge creating …

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Anthony Bourdain Was a Friend of Mine

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Anthony Bourdain was not a friend of mine. In fact, some of those who know me well thought of him as my bête noir. I thought of him as my bête noir. But I didn’t know the man. I had read his piece, “Don’t Eat Before Reading This”, in the New Yorker in 1999, and it had resonated with me …

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The Sinister Nature of Kate Spade Sayings In the Wake of Her Suicide

In Fashion by Genna Rivieccio1 Comment

Kate Spade (who annoyingly would make you spell her brand in all lower cases–as in kate spade new york–and I only know this thanks to the treachery of writing copy for it) was a designer always noted for her upbeatness and vibrancy. Colorful patterns and “tongue-in-cheek” phrases that were never too unpleasant so much as just abrasive enough–most notably, “Eat …

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Sex and the City Isn’t As Irrelevant As Its Current Detractors (Sarah Jessica Parker Included) Are Making It Out to Be

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As even Sarah Jessica Parker cowers to the juggernaut of gender fluidity and racial inclusivity that has rendered all pop culture offerings of the past utterly obsolete, one can’t deny that there are still many beacons of truth contained within the show that made daft white girls everywhere want to move to New York. And yes, Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) was the …

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Music Video. | “New York” | Kachinga.

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ife invested into rhyme, Kachinga, has successfully accomplished a once-daunting dream. The release of Sky Falling — the debut album from the Canadian creative — dropped earlier this year. Containing over 23 selections, the robust endeavor encapsulates the battle to discover peace between his tribulations and his triumphs. Below, check out the intimate visual for the Lava Cru produced, “New York.”  To discover more …