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5 Shows That Made White People Move to NYC.

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Let us start by addressing the term “white people.” In no way are we attempting to be derogatory when we use this term. We are simply referring to migrating caucasians. But beware! This article will not kowtow to white fragility and will, in all, be an observant joyride of pop culture and sociogeographical trends. In New York City, as well …

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HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 is All Smoke With No Fire

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There was a moment during the HBO film adaptation of the Ray Bradbury classic Fahrenheit 451 that I audibly groaned. Up until that point, I had been enjoying seeing the establishment of this dystopia and the struggle of it’s characters come to grips with its oppressiveness. There was subtle social commentary sprinkled here and there, and I enjoyed connecting the …

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Sex and the City Isn’t As Irrelevant As Its Current Detractors (Sarah Jessica Parker Included) Are Making It Out to Be

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As even Sarah Jessica Parker cowers to the juggernaut of gender fluidity and racial inclusivity that has rendered all pop culture offerings of the past utterly obsolete, one can’t deny that there are still many beacons of truth contained within the show that made daft white girls everywhere want to move to New York. And yes, Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) was the …