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Virginia duo Sunny & Gabe just dropped their highly anticipated FREE CANDY EP. Containing 10 sweet, tooth rotting tracks, FREE CANDY is an amazing piecing together of the Sunny & Gabe puzzle. With their music containing so many contrasting elements, Sunny & Gabe have officially presented a new sound–a gloriously complex sound that no one can mimic, much less fully comprehend.

Kareem Gonsalves/Quiet Lunch Magazine.

Sunny & Gabe – Thomas Kargbo (left) , Sunny Gicz (middle), and Gabe Niles (right). (Kareem Gonsalves/Quiet Lunch Magazine.)

The band sticks with a somewhat dreamy theme, but they still manage to keep you on your feet. “Godzilla” hits your ears with ceremonious thunder, kicking things off with much fervor and “umph”. It’s an usually hard hitting track that will delight those who have become accustom to their mellow sound. Familiar favorites like “Hey” (feat. Ced Hughes), “Clouds”, “Forget Love” (feat. Mike G), and “Fly” make their appearances, but never before heard ditties like “Statue”, “Crying”, “Story Time”, and “Lover’s Lane” make FREE CANDY an evolutionary portrait of a young band that is in the process of cementing their legacy.

Each track is accompanied by its own cover art which are various takes of a wonderful piece by Nichole Ashikis. See all of them on Sunny & Gabe’s official website. Also, don’t forget to DOWNLOAD FREE CANDY! Cavities for everyone!

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