The Archive N°3. | Ryan Bock.


QUIET LUNCH is proud to present The Archive N°3 featuring artist Ryan Bock!

Welcome once again to The Archive! A limited edition collectible art book that puts a spotlight on your favorite artists as new and emerging talent, each book is signed and numbered by the artist themselves. Each copy contains a handmade artwork also signed and numbered. The Archive is the chance to collect and own a tangible piece of creative history! The third edition of The Archive features artist Ryan Bock. A striving neo proto-cubist, Bock is also a brilliant troublemaker who straddles the line between diligent dissenter and creative capitalist. Embracing this irony, Bock’s lives in a gray area where nothing is truly black or white. His pieces challenge the powers that be but with an uncanny sense of self awareness that elevates the work beyond the realm of sociopolitical commentary. Bock’s pieces are portraits of the war outside and the war within.
Pre-order your edition today! ONLY 100 Issues will be printed. Shipping Starts January 2022.

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