The Archive N°2. | Joanne Leah.


QUIET LUNCH is proud to present The Archive N°2 featuring artist Joanne Leah!

Welcome back to The Archive! A limited edition collectible art book that puts a spotlight on your favorite artists as new and emerging talent, each book is signed and numbered by the artist themselves. Each copy contains a handmade artwork also signed and numbered. The Archive is the chance to collect and own a tangible piece of creative history! The second edition of The Archive features photographer Joanne Leah. Through thoughtful composition, Leah finds therapy and creative closure. Leah manages to weave an existential narrative that is relatable but still intimately her own. When you gaze upon her work you see yourself, the autonomous subject and the artist simultaneously.
Pre-order your edition today! ONLY 100 Issues will be printed. Shipping Starts 12/13/2021

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