Keeping (Father) Time.

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Growing up, some of us may have had a grandfather clock in our home.  It’s hourly dong chime was soothing for some, but for others it was an unwanted alarm clock.  Originally designed in 1656 by Christiaan Huygens, it was once touted as the world’s most accurate timekeeper, but with more city dwellers residing in smaller living spaces with walls as thin as paper, an old father time piece isn’t really practical  for your typical apartment– not to mention all the nasty complaints you may get.

Well Gen Y-ers, no need to fret. We got to gander at a modern concept that will bring the feel of your old grand papi’s clock without giving your neighbors another reason to stare at you with eyes of hate.

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Pedulum Wall Clock designed by Nuno Teixeira.↓

Nuno explains:

“Pendulum works as an ordinary pendulum wall clock, with a perpetual movement provided by the magnetic mechanism. Since no double weight-driven movement is needed, the clock is lighter and easy to install.”

To say that we love this clock is an understatement. Its minimal design is sure to fit on any wall in your crib and the back light on the hands and the chrome black polish of this wall piece is sure to make your hipster friends’ heads explode from instant envy.

So, yea, you could say we only really love this clock ’cause it’ll make all the mod kids jealous.


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Don’t know if this clock comes with the ‘dong’ sound but if does we think it will be worth the stares you are sure to get from the next door neighbor. You can see more of Nuno designs → here ←.


Written by Bim Star.↓

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