PB & J Heydays.

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We are complete suckers for hyperrealism and will continue to be as long as we keep discovering splendid pieces like the ones we are featuring today. Painted by Mary Ellen Johnson, these nostalgic paintings of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches bring with it a flood of childhood memories. Like most hyperrealistic works, these pieces look more real than an actual photograph.

Johnson–who is also a Jersey native–uses her extraordinary talents to arouse your impulses. She often looks to food for inspiration–explaining it to be a universal experience that every human being, regardless of gender, race or nationally, can comprehend.

“PB & J & Jelly Jar”. (Courtesy by Mary Ellen Johnson.)

“Big PBJ & Milk “. (Courtesy by Mary Ellen Johnson.)

“PBJ 3/4”. (Courtesy of Mary Ellen Johnson.)

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