OFF CAMPUS. | THEiLLUZiON |x| Jahni Rae at Jerome’s at Rivington F+B.

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Quiet Lunch is popping up tonight with a cozy music showcase at Jerome’s at Rivington F + B.  (115 Rivington Street)

OFF CAMPUS, a mellow set of stripped down performances, will feature Neo-Folkstress Jahni Rae and THEiLLUZiON, a hip-hop duo consisting of Salomon Faye and Enasni Leber.

This is our way of providing a more intimate experience during the usually busied rhythm of CMJ.

JOIN US TONIGHT at 10 pm. It’s $FR.EE!!

Off-Campus-Flyer-Jhani-Rae Off-Campus-Flyer-THEiLLUZiON


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