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Following his 2014 debut album, Sin’s Disciple, Marty McKay is prepping for the release of his sophomore LP. On February 24, the Zurich artist is set to drop, New York City Dreams.  Comfortable with everything from Hip-Hop to Alternative Rock, the pending project includes an array of sounds and experiences.

From challenging self, to discovering an unexpected love, to making amends, Marty McKay  uses this second effort to prove that time shapes reality. Exhausted by banal mediocrity, the strong vocals and pertinent production of  “Escape,” shows how he cultivated the courage to embrace his life’s true calling. Swiftly moving along, he’s easily engulfed and energized by life’s possibilities. On “Empire Town,” McKay thrusts one into the bustling activity of NYC. Here manipulated guitar strings become his adrenaline-drenched heart, and “…nothing’s impossible…

As Marty’s interrupted by love’s possibility, “Out Of The Blue,” demonstrates what happens when a love alters passionate pursuits. By conjuring an ’80’s feel, “When The Lights Go Out,” showcases how tangled bodies and introductory intimacy forms priceless memories. With a contemplative perspective, MM ensures to offer a full insight into  his artistic realm. Refusing to rely only on the sweet, the former Hip-Hop DJ also includes what happens when love sours and become stagnant.

While “Into The Fire” reaffirms enduring romantic love, “Love Suicide” offers his account of how a totally encompassing love is frightening. To preserve self, he sabotages the relationship. As quickly as it ends, an urgent guitar lick on “Another Love” serves as McKay’s regret. The juxtaposition of “Outta Sight Outta Mind” amplifies his frustration of the ending relationship.

When “Until The Pain Is Gone,” begins MM is left pondering the ramifications of his previous actions. Astute and emotive songwriting, coupled with keen production elevates this track to something that should be replayed. Shattered sadness is sprinkled upon a living wreckage of pain. Words, like a bullet, may leave eternal holes to which an apology may never properly heal. Although the initial momentum changes the album’s core becomes deeper.

Remember New York City Dreams is available on February 24!

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