The Last Days of As Above, So Below by Michelle Doll at Lyons Wier Gallery.

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If you are in the Chelsea area this week we suggest that you stop by Lyons Wier Gallery to see the last of Michelle Doll’s latest solo exhibition, As Above, So Below. Doll is known for creating endearing works that captures the lightning that is love in a figurative bottle. Whether it is a deep embrace or general interaction, Doll pulls sweet magic from her subjects and gives them immortal life.

Courtesy of Michelle Doll.

Subjects withstanding, Doll’s pieces are more so about the moment. Moments that are somehow fleeting despite their psychological permanence. In an interview with Artspeak Doll took time to explain the concept of the exhibition and the inspiration

When I was painting I would think about my connection to those moments and those ideas grew into ideas about the microcosmic individual and the macrocosmic universal whole. There is a divine reflection in those cosmic scales. There have been many esoteric philosophers over the eons who have illustrated this concept through stories about divine connections between the heavens and the Earth and the relationship between spiritual and material worlds. They knew that the micro world affects the macro because these are not separate things but two perspectives of the one whole.

Michelle Doll, Art Speak
Courtesy of Michelle Doll.

Again, this is the last week to see As Above, So Below and we strongly suggest that you make your way to Lyons Wier Gallery (542 West 24th, New York, NY 10011) and see this exhibition!

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