Mayor Bloomberg to Formally Ban Sugary Drinks.

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Photo Courtesy of The Daily Beast.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces has been set in motion after the city’s Board of Health unanimously voted in favor of the proposal Tuesday. Bloomberg announced his proposed idea last week and now with its approval, some New Yorkers are up in arms.

A formal vote has yet to be secured but if it moves forward as planned, New York City eateries, bars, and restaurants will be forced to serve patrons a maximum of 16 ounces of any sugar-laden beverage but will be allowed to serve multiple servings if requested. According to NBC New York, a spokesman for the New York City Restaurant Association, Andrew Moesel, stated that the proposed drink restriction would ultimately lead to further limitations on other foods. “Some of the board members seemed to think that the proposal didn’t go far enough, and I found that very alarming,” he said, adding that his organization’s members fear that it is an infringement on consumer’s rights.

A public hearing has been scheduled for June 24th.

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