Kids in Love. | Olivia Bee.

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If you’re looking for an awesome coffee table book, Olivia Bee‘s Kids in Love is a superb choice. Featuring work from her photographic series of the same titleKids in Love is a visual romance that captures the magic of coming of age. Bee’s work is currently being displayed alongside Doug DuBois’ My Last Day at Seventeen in an exhibition titled Reality Show. The exhibition runs until June 24th at Welcome Gallery. You can get HERE.

quiet-lunch-olivia-bee-LTI_FINAL-60-1386x1300 (1)

Bitchcraft (Anna), 2012

quiet-lunch-olivia-bee-LTI_FINAL-582-1500x1180 (1)

Whose House Is This, 2011

quiet-lunch-olivia-bee-LTI_FINAL-56-1500x1007 (1)

Max Jumped Off a Train, 2012

quiet-lunch-olivia-bee-LTI_FINAL-46-1500x1250 (1)

Codependency Before College, 2012

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