Josephine Halvorson. |x| Leslie Hewitt. |x| Jennie C. Jones at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

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If you’re in the Chelsea area and you’re looking for a good group show, we suggest you stop by Sikkema Jenkins & Co. (530 West 22nd Street). The gallery is currently featuring a trio of talented female artists, Josephine Halvorson, Leslie Hewitt and Jennie C. Jones—all of whom occupy different mediums.

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The show is casually put together but far from lazy. The folks at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. did a wonderful job of harmonizing all three mediums; enabling the pieces to conceptually coexist under one roof. The exhibition runs until January 23rd, be sure to stop by before then.

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Untitled (Zenith) | Still Life Series, 2013

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