A Beautiful Death. | Fabio Stachi.

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[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]F[/su_dropcap]abio Stachi‘s photography is a filmesque body of work that never fails to move you. Sometimes we credit artwork for not taking itself too seriously but that isn’t the case with Stachi—his work is dead serious and we love it.

The theatrical aesthetics layered atop a muted violence makes for a poignant, mortal poetry that resonates throughout every image. The Brazilian photographers work reaches out and touches you, caressing the erogenous zones of your existential being.


Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Fabio Stachi_ProjetoNegro_11_o

Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Fabio Stachi_ProjetoNegro_12_o Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Fabio Stachi_ProjetoNegro_07_o

Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Fabio Stachi_ProjetoNegro_08_o


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