Courtesy of NASA, You’re Welcome.

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Most of us don’t give a shit about space. It’s all the way up there, we’re all the way down here and somewhere along the line there’s a disconnect. It is this common disconnect that causes many of us to wrongfully shun NASA and its spending habits. The recent landing of the MSL Curiosity on Mars has caused controversy about NASA’s budget. Many people are upset that NASA’s mandate serves no practical purpose, and the money could be put to better use. Every year, to combat the rampant disdain, NASA publishes a list of items developed because of NASA’s work. Here’s a short list from Business Insider:

20 Everyday Things We Have Because Of NASA.↓

• Artificial limbs
Baby formula
Cell-phone cameras
• Computer mouse
• Cordless tools
• Ear thermometer
• Firefighter gear
• Freeze-dried food
• Golf clubs
• Long-distance communication
• Invisible braces
• MRI and CAT scans
• Memory foam
• Safer highways
• Solar panels
• Shoe insoles
• Ski boots
• Adjustable smoke detector
• Water filters
• UV-blocking sunglasses

NASA did not invent:

• Tang
• Velcro
• Teflon

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