Music Review. | Breakthrough. | Dino Jag.

In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

The energy exerted by Australia’s  Dino Jag is catchy, quirky, and cool. On his latest EP, Breakthroughthis six song collection is everything from sweet to succulent. This precious Down Under transplant proves proves that music can move the world.

With “Two Young Hearts,” Dino Jag immediately uses his artistic charisma to entice the listener. This retrospective account of a withered young love draws a universal appeal. The magnetic honesty of “Nothing But You,” is bolstered by its carnal guitar playing. It is both raunchy and lovely.

A warbling, yet endearing voice is encountered on “My Life Is Changed.” Any momentary angst vanishes as “You Make Me Feel So Good” pumps up the EP. Both “Breakthrough” and “Sweet Summer Smile” possess powerful songwriting. Overall, the latter is the best track from the EP.

Do enjoy a quick treat or make sure to purchase the entire EP.

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