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The Base 12 Binocular Show, currently on display at Mana Contemporary (November 12th – 23rd), is an interactive group show that investigates scale and perception. Unconventional hanging initially hides the artwork from the viewer, who must then use the binoculars to enter the show. Through the binoculars each artist’s work can only be seen alone.  This enables the viewer to embark on a scavenger hunt of 12 solo exhibitions.

The show consists of  thirty six 2” x 3” paintings, created by the Base 12 artists. This exploration of scale, viewership and perception allows you to be part of the show and control your experience of it. Like many of the previous Base 12 exhibitions, The Base 12 Binocular Show functions not only as a painting show but also as a performance by the audience.

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Base 12 is a project created by Apostrophe NYC with the purpose of addressing the dual practice of making and showing work as a contemporary artist. The project includes twelve NYC-based artists: Caslon Bevington, Ryan Bock, Morell Cutler, Alana Dee Haynes, Kolter Hodgson, Charlie Hudson, The Love Child, Julia Powers, James Reyes, James Rubio, Bruno Smith and Sei Smith creating work for twelve site specific pop-up exhibitions along with ongoing critical and material support. The exhibitions have been sanctioned and unsanctioned to investigate reception, viewership, interaction, and audience within a specific space. With the work of the twelve Artists as the only constant in the project, the various contexts and methods of showing become tools for the artists’ explorations as opposed to lenses that distort the work. The group works in a range of stylistic and personal influences, representing the diversity of contemporary art. The Base 12 artists are currently in residence at Mana Contemporary’s BSMT.

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