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In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Ignoring many constraining definitions, art simply exists. The introductory EP from Greg and  the Granules, Answer to Influence,  is Lead by frotman, Greg Maechling.  Although Maechling is part of the respected band, Particle Wave — which has cultivated a undulating psychedelic sound — the singer / songwriter’s new project is sonically exhausting.

Greg definitely possesses the confidence to stretch his artistry, but he fails to deliver a creative metamorphosis. Throughout its duration, the EP suffers from forced vocals and bland musical arrangements. The intended tenderness of “Somebody Else” verges on laughable. A melancholy guitar, coupled with mundane drumbeats, becomes cringely intensified on “All At Once.”

Overall, the hollow delivery of “No Words,”  impedes any artistic inertia. The playful ease and brevity of “Midway Offer,” elevates its inherent appeal; circus anyone? An aggravatingly redundant use of wordplay on “Big Reveal” detracts from its songwriting. Finally, as the last song, “I Knew You When” begins, one quickly wonders will this be the EP’s best track?

Sadly, its mediocre lull asphyxiates any sustained interest. Since this is the first offering from Greg and the Granules, with investing more time into their collective creativity, hopefully their future endeavors improve. Feeling daring then press play!

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