And Then There Was Lamp.

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Every night at 10pm, the Eiffel tower lights up in a flash disco-like white lights for 10 minutes, adding even more luminescence to the famed city of lights. It is truly a sight to behold. Now you can bring some of that famous light into your own home with the Tour Eiffel lamp. Bent to the will of man-made ease, this lamp by Studio Job offers a taste of foreign delight that will add great character to any franc-friendly home. Traveling to Paris these days is more expensive than ever, so why not keep a piece of it nearby, if only to serve as a motivator for future travels.

Courtesy of Furnish Burnish.

Written by Matia A. Guardabascio.↓

Matia Guardabascio (n.): editor at large; a spirited, Boston hooligan with the flair of a poet, and the soul of a wise sage.

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