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Brooklyn Says OY! Brooklyn Responds YO! Deborah Kass at The Brooklyn Museum

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Artist Deborah Kass’s monumental sculpture OY/YO was a phenomenon when it was first installed on Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Main Street lawn in 2015. Three years later, the groundbreaking work returns to Brooklyn, as part of a public art activation at the Brooklyn Museum. Joining text-based work by other Brooklyn-based artists—Brooklyn Hi-Art! Machine, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, and Hank Willis Thomas—OY/YO has been installed outside …

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The Existential Journey of Joanne Leah.

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Art is an outward articulation but it is also an inward journey of growth and painstaking self exploration. Joanne Leah’s work is a raw, beautiful, candid blossoming of the artist. Although she no longer uses herself as a subject, Leah manages to weave an existential narrative that is relatable but still intimately her own. When you gaze upon her work …

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(Cuntfessions) Miss Congeniality Has Gone Too Far: On the Miss America Pageant’s “Retooling”

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It would be a proud day indeed for one, Gracie Lou Freebush a.k.a. Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock), to learn that the Miss America pageant has eliminated the key aspects of what constitutes conventional beauty: the swimsuit and evening wear portions. And while former Miss America winner Mallory Hagan might have a point about the “fat-shaming” ridiculousness of being able to …