BOOK N°4. | Lance De Los Reyes.


QUIET LUNCH is proud to present BOOK N°4 featuring prolific painter Lance De Los Reyes! Artists who seem perpetually fixed in that creative moment with eyes wide, mind open and heart set on learning all that the universe has to offer—good or bad no different. A proverbial Phoenix, his life and art is the manifestation of rebirth.

On our cover, shot by German born photographer Eva Mueller, De los Reyes is surrounded by his most coveted totems, his necessary materials and tools of his craft and resources of inspiration that he utilizes on his creative journey to make paintings that carry with them the same radiance as the Phoenix itself.

Book N°4 is 174 pages of art, style, beauty tips, short poems and photography featuring talented artists like Julia Sinelnikova, Willy Verginer, OSHUN, Ryan Bock, Teresa Aversa, Kwesi Abbensetts and MUCH MORE!

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