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As you may already know, this week is Type Week and we’re featuring typography in all forms. The typography being featured now comes in the form of furniture.

Artist Tim Delger learned how to weld when he was twelve years old and is now using that honed talent to bring us some cool furnishing made strictly from street signs. Most of them are sold out but we’re sure you can contact the artist and find out how you can get your hands on one anyway.

This chair is perfect for your favorite political junkie. Pair it with the “No Right Turn” corner table (below), and you can call the duo “Gridlock.” (Click to Purchase)

The perfect gift for a yellow dog democrat. For those looking for a Republican gift, please see the “No Left Turn Chair.” Paired together, you can call the duo “Gridlock.” (Click to Purchase)

This vintage sign is made of thin steel instead of aluminum. “5 Ton Capacity” may be a bit of an overstatement. There are two available with slight weathering differences. (Click to Purchase)

Looking for a bad ass wedding gift or anniversary present? This is it. Bumps Ahead has tons of original distress and hard-earned character. (Click to Purchase)

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