Return to King’s Landing. | Vieno James.

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Vieno James (b. 1996) work serves as a synthesis of his experience of reality, drawing from paleontology, history, and everyday life. His subject matter often deals with social injustice and cultural fluidity. He lives and works in New York.

Being an American artist of African and Near Eastern diaspora, Vieno James created his most recent body of work, Return to King’s Landing, in response to his mixed perceptions of the current state of race relations in America, the current wars going on in the Middle East, the ancient wars waged between the West and Middle East, the dichotomy between what is considered valuable and valueless, and our world’s long history of oppressive and corrupt monarchies and governmental systems.

Vieno will be exhibiting this new body of work in his first New York solo exhibition, Return to King’s Landing. The exhibition will be taking place on Nov. 4th, 2016 at the SVA Fine Arts Department (335 W. 16th St., NY, NY).

Vieno has exhibited internationally with his first solo showing taking place in Fukuoka, Japan, and he’s participated in numerous groups shows in Atlanta, Savannah, and New Jersey.

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