(Nava)gating the Universe.

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Nava Lubelski‘s Thread on Canvas is nothing short of pure genius. Lying somewhere between splatter painting and dream catcher, the series is explosive, interactive and unpredictable.

“Sweet Chewy”. (Courtesy of Nava Lubelski.)

“Day Dreams”. (Courtesy of Nava Lubelski.)

With cheeky names like “Structurally Sound” and “The Sum of Parts” (feature image up top), Lubelski violently intellectual. What we’re at is series of contradictions. Lubelski explains:

“My work explores the contradictions between the impulse to destroy and the compulsion to mend. I juxtapose rapid acts of destruction, such as spilling and cutting, with painstaking, restorative labor. Embroideries are hand-stitched over stains and rips, contrasting the accidental with the meticulous, constructing narrative from randomness and mistake.” – Art Statement from Official Website.

“All Dressed Up”. (Courtesy of Nava Lubelski.)

“Candy Soup”. (Courtesy of Nava Lubelski.)

“Exactly What We Thought Would Happen”. (Courtesy of Nava Lubelski.)

In a way, her work shares the same theme as the universe; a volatile environment of birth and death. Lubelski is creating her own worlds; spinning own universes with their own unique battles of creation and destruction.

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