Mythomania. | A new series by by Uday K. Dhar.

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Uday K. Dhar is pleased to presents a new series, Mythomania at Harlem Properties sponsored by VOSSDhar recreates the Gods in a series of mixed media studies with a new lens and in a contemporary context. He cultivates an alternative view of the history of Western Art by questioning what this imagery means to a person of color.  With each application of paint and various other materials a conversation is happening between Uday Dhar and the deity. What makes the works intriguing is the subtle sensation that Dhar lived inside each one of them as he went through the process… becoming a reinvented version of Adonis, Apollo, Hercules, Sebastian and so on. 

Dhar’s works are as much an exploration of materials and textures as they are an examination of historical context and an introspective search.  Upon first view it’s the choice of materials that entices a closer look at Dhar’s artworks.  Each piece speaks to you “come close, step back, turn the lights on, turn them off, repeat, repeat, repeat”.  And each time another nuance is uncovered.  The materials and how Dhar uses them play a significant role in the development of each piece in this series.

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, Nov. 16, 5:00-9:30PM

LOCATION: Harlem Properties, 163 Malcolm X Blvd, NYC