Here’s Looking at You, Kidd.

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Quiet Lunch stopped by the Clic Gallery to support our good friend Billy Kidd. For those who remember, we recently helped rally for the Brooklyn photog’s intriguing project titled Heather Huey Shot by Billy Kidd. We’re happy to say that the project found life through Kickstarter and when we heard that it was being featured at Clic, we knew that we couldn’t miss the opening reception for the world.

Billy Kidd. (NaShish Scott/Quiet Lunch Magazine.)

A brilliant collect of black and whites, Heather Huey Shot by Billy Kidd is an artistically sensual display of unadulterated admiration. A project that translates the relationship between two partners who are unify both in love and creativity. It was a wonderful turn out where friends and spectators gathered to view the magnificent works.

We were especially happy to see everything come to fruition, going from the cradle of Kickstarter to standing on its on two feet in the middle of SoHo. We asked Kidd if he had any expectations when it came to how people will receive the project and he had this to say:

“I don’t shoot to say a message, I shoot for people to take a message away from it. I let the viewer imbue the photograph with the meaning that they want it to have. It doesn’t have anything to do with me, it has to do with the viewer.”

We also asked Kidd about working with Heather Huey:

“Well, it’s easy! [laughs] It’s the girl I love. It’s my girlfriend, she will one day be my wife… She is my muse. She’s everything to me. She is brilliant.”

Be sure to head to the Clic Gallery on Centre Street to get an eyeful of Billy and Heather’s work.

NaShish Scott/Quiet Lunch Magazine.

NaShish Scott/Quiet Lunch Magazine.


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