New York Comic Con Special. | Harley Quinn Body Painting by Georgina Billington.

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They say you will not truly know how it feels to be someone else until you walk in their shoes. When we got our first ever press pass approval to cover this year’s Comic Con in New York, we wanted to walk in the shoes of a costume player. What is it like to come up with a design or costume? How long does it take to prepare to cosplay? What is it like to be a villain for a day?

Our Beauty Editor, Georgina Billington, offered her amazing body painting talent to help create one of this year’s most popular female cosplay comic characters, Harley Quinn.



Billington tapped founder of Feminine Weapon and Underground Unattached, Christina Weber, to be her canvas. She also enlisted the help of über talented artist, Caren Charles. Before taking on the 7-hour art project, Georgina shared what inspired her to choose Harley:

“ I was inspired by all the different Harley Quinn character’s from past to present. I wanted to create something that was recognizable, that took elements from each decade and incorporated them in an create interpretation of a timeless Harley.

I decided to use the colors blue and pink from the more recent version of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, but designed an outfit that was more representational of the original Harley. I wanted her to look sexy and hardcore, yet cute and mischievous. ”Georgina Billington.

And the result? A colorful but menacing rendition of Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D., more affectionately known Harley Quinn.

We had an awesome experience being apart of Comic Con. Cosplay is not just about likes on social media. It’s also about being apart of a culture, being unique and creative. Using your imagination beyond the filters of Instagram to become characters that we connect with might be the coolest thing anyone can do. Please enjoy the photos below of our experience.

Special Thanks to:
Georgina Billington | Body Paint Artist | @georginabillington
Christina Weber | Model/Harley Quinn | @christinaweber
Caren Charles | Project Assistant | @ccdiggity



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