FLUX Fair Debuts in Harlem.

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FLUX FAIR. | MAY 14 – 17, 2015.

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]T[/su_dropcap]he neighborhood of Harlem is rich with a history that has made it one of the most culturally revered areas in our country. In its heyday, Harlem was the cradle of jazz and everything cool. Places like Small’s Paradise and the Cotton Club hosted big names who drew in even bigger crowds.

The Corn Exchange Building. | 81 East 125th, Harlem, New York.

Still retaining the luster from its past renaissance, Harlem is now shaping a new glory. A shining beacon of Harlem’s glorious rebirth, the first annual FLUX Fair is the newest addition to the satellite fairs surrounding Frieze Week. Created by curator and experienced fair organizer Leanne Stella, FLUX Fair is part of a significant wave in the rising tide against stuffy, emotionless art fairs.

When you look at art, you want to feel something. It doesn’t have to change your life but if it can make you can feel something, then it matters. Catalytic happening in Harlem’s creative history, FLUX Fair matters. Schleping back and forth to these huge, maze-like fairs often become one boring blur. FLUX promises to engage attendees on a more intimate and edifying art experience.

“This is an exciting time for Harlem, a neighborhood that has a rich narrative – a deep-seated artistic culture, extroardinary political figures and stunning architectural gems, – as it enjoys a second Renaissance we honor it’s history and culture.”Leanne Stella.

Flux Fair is set to take place at the historic Corn Exchange Building on the northwest corner of 125th Street and Park Avenue. Newly renovated, the building will house over 60 artists and curators—of all different concepts and mediums. Some notable artists that we had the pleasure of interviewing include Ai Campbell, Willie Cole, Stan Squirewell,  Suprina, and LeRone B. Wilson.

On May 14th, Harlem, USA, the unofficial culture capital of America, will have its day. Be a part of history.

Visit Flux Fair !

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