Aren’t Our Years Mineral Dreams?, 2018 by Diane Knarr.

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Although most of us enjoy a little sweater weather, the cold season comes with its snags and there are moments when you find yourself unraveling. The sun clocks out early and our mental health takes a dip. However, there is a humble charm in hibernation and Waiting Out Winter. A sincere collection of photographs, Waiting Out Winter by Diane Knarr encourages us to embrace the calm before the storm. The frigid temperatures, the empty streets… It is all vital to the process. Waiting Out Winter praises the process. These pieces speak to the beauty of rest and renewal while giving us snapshots of the light at the end of the seasonal tunnel.

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Aren’t Our Years Mineral Dreams?, 2018 by Diane Knarr.

Fuji Provia 100f, Olympus OM-10

Archival Print: 8”x12”

Archival Print w. off white mat & black matte metal frame: 10”x14”


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