To commemorate the official opening of It Takes A Village we are happy to announce that LIMITED EDITION tote by artist Boris Bernard is now available!

In an endearing effort to celebrate Black artists during the month of February, Kates-Ferri Projects and Quiet Lunch have teamed up to present It Takes A Village. An intimate group exhibition curated by Akeem K. Duncan. Featuring a closely knitted roster of painters, sculptors and illustrators from all walks of life, It Takes A Village is a collective but candid snapshot of the current Black artist landscape. Consider this exhibition to be an early homecoming, staged with the intent of displaying our magic, watering our creative spirits, and strengthening our community.

It is said that a teacher once conducted an experiment in which they filled the hallways with balloons. Each balloon had a student’s name on it and the students were picked one at a time and given five minutes to find their balloon. However, despite the frantic search by each student selected, none of them were able to find their balloons. 
Then the teacher told them to take the balloon closest to them and give it to the person whose name was on it. In less than two minutes, everyone was holding their own balloon. This is the purpose of It Takes A Village–help one another find our balloons and soar to new heights! These works stand not individually but together.
Artists include Lewinale Havette, Jess Owens-Young, Jamel Robinson, Nichole Washington, Ferguson Amo, Troy Jones, Caviar, Damien Davis and Katarra Peterson. Each creative brings a unique paradigm that comes together to make a cohesive collage of the moving parts that represent the Black condition. This isn’t an exhibition about struggle nor is it a display of oppression porn. It is a gesture of identity and humanity.
It Takes A Village is on display through February 24th. The collector’s preview will take place Thursday, February 9th with the main opening reception being held Saturday, February 17th.


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