Music Review. | Hello Abyss | Nehedar.

In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Buckle up and get ready for a smooth trip through time. With the crisp cadence of Emilia Cataldo — and nostalgic, yet refreshing production of Craig Levy — New York’s Nehedar propels its latest release, Hello Abyss to a bubbling, cult acclaim.

Traveling from the ’60’s to the present, Hello Abyss, is a contemplative account of being in love and everything in between. Beginning with “The Story,” an authentic ’70’s vibe comes to the forefront. Next,  on “Catacomb,” this duplicitous ode to liars, tackles the topic of loving a dishonest person and the toll it takes upon one’s psyche.

Because pain provokes personal progress, the probing “Shedding Skin,” is exhilarating.  The following, Carole King-ish “How” is stunning in its brilliance. Love is decoded. While “Happy Birthday,” falls short of other tracks, when “You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart” begins, the project is instantly elevated.

The musical musings of soured love is offered on “Fear And Love.” A sweet ’60’s timbre of “The Grudge,” becomes the sound of a lovely illusion being shattered by reality. Wrapping up with “Tonight Tonight” and “Sotah,” Nehedar proves that regardless of any creative hiatus, the intrinsic artistry of its members is sure to be appreciated by its growing legion of supporters.

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