Pete Salomone (interj.) condition centered around over-consumption of coffee, bourbon.

Pete Salomone rests his head between pictures of Darth Vader and Tool. Raised in the terrifying wilds of suburban Massachusetts, Pete learned early on that some of the best parts of the world exist in the imagination. Through experience, he learned that the best way to find out about the world around him is through the minds of other people. Not sure if it’s true, but you can be sure Pete believes it, since he’s writing this little blurb.

Plagued by curiosity, fueled by the promise of an outer world that reflects the inner world. Lives and dies by the notion that the way a message is sent says more than the message itself. Thanks, McLuhan.

Went to some schools. Worked at some places. Wrote some stuff, read some things, watched some other stuff. Threw it away, started over. Thinks too much, sleeps too little, wonders just the right amount. Part mechanical, mostly imaginary, unfortunately human. Bleeds red. Breaks bread. Eats lead. Zed’s dead.

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