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Urban Development,  a group show which explores urban themes through painting, photography and sculpture utilizing a refined and elevated approach, is currently on view at Castle Fitzjohns on the Lower East Side, New York.  Conceived and curated by the gallery’s owner and director Vincent Harrison, the all male artist exhibit is comprised of Tim Okamura, Marcus Jansen, Jamel Shabazz, Ori Carino & Benjamin Armas, and Gregory Saint Amand, who each bring a unique and singular perspective to urban living. Through their combined efforts a multi-faceted tapestry of urbanity is woven and beautifully told.

Tim Okamura’s semi-photorealistic, mixed media pieces incorporate wood panels and found objects. Okamura expertly depicts women of color in a striking manner and seamlessly places them in these fierce, bold female squads as seen in Una /Infinita.  Marcus Jansen’s canvases are hauntingly beautiful and quite melodic. In Memories of the Boombox, small figures traverse a barren landscape approaching a giant boombox, perhaps an ode to his New York roots. Jamel Shabazz, the iconic documentarian of  hip-hop culture of the ’80s and ’90s, presents authentic slices of New York urban life through several photographs – young boys are seen frolicking on an abandoned mattress in one image, while a man inadvertently swings a dog around in another photo – all remnants of an older, grittier New York. Artist duo Ori Carino and Benjamin Armas create fantastical, architectural,  street-art infused sculptures which touch upon elements of religion and sexuality. Carino also shows a few solo pieces, including  New World which oozes Buddhist attributes laced with classicism and pop culture. Painter Gregory Saint Amand rounds out the show with brash, vibrant canvases exploding with consumerism and pop culture iconography.

Urban Development will be on view through November 10th at Castle Fitzjohns, New York. ( In association with HOA Gallery)



Tim Okamura, Una/infinita, 2015, oil and mixed media on canvas, 48 in x 48 in.


Tim Okamura, Walkie Talkie, 2015, oil on wood panel, found objects, 28.5 x 13.5 x 2.75.


Marcus Jansen, Memories of the Boombox, 2012, acrylic, mixed media on canvas, 36 in x 48 in.


Jamel Shabazz, Preppin, c. 1980s, Edition of 9, c-print.


Jamel Shabazz, Man Swinging Dog, c. 1980s, edition of 9, c-print.


Ori Carino & Benjamin Armas, How to Survive Death, 2013, Brick, mortar, wood, steel, tar, roofing paper, acrylic paint,  51″ x 38″ x 72″.


Ori Carino, New World, 2015, acrylic paint, mineral pigment, airbrush, fine brush on canvas, 66 in x 100 in.


Gregory Saint Amand, Lady Monarch, mixed media, 68 in x 54 in.

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