iPad Mini Rumored to Hit Market in October.

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The iPad Mini? (Photo Courtesy of Cnet)

The gadget world is rumbling with rumors of Apple’s newest iPad Mini being released this October. Equipped with a 7-inch screen and available for the affordable price in the $200-250 range, the iPad’s little cousin is set to give the Kindle Fire a direct run for its money.

It will run on the Google Android operating system and although it has been said that Steve Jobs originally expressed no interest in making the Mini, consumers are demanding it.

There are no official photos of the purported newest addition, however, photos have been popping up all over the internet since 2010; the one reportedly of race car driver and Taiwanese celebrity, Jimmy Lin, holding both the iPad and Mini.

↓The shot that sparked it all.↓

(Photo Courtesy of Ubergizmo)



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