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Warriors in the Garden Debuts Tonight!

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“Better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.” An ancient proverb that rings true even in modern times, the words are a testament to maintaining peace while also being prepared to protect that peace when necessary. It is an existential duality that we all grapple with. Conflict is not to be glorified or normalized …

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It Was a Very Good Year… 2013 in Review.

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With the Oscars now in the rear view mirror, our film enthusiast, Steven Briggs, avoids all Academy Awards punditry and gives us an affection recount of the year 2013 in film. Quaalude overdose and Stoli martinis. Infant stealing nuns and a pill smuggling cowboy. Subway shootings and a fake British accent. From feisty females to the recurring collapse of the American dream, …