Exploring (e)merge Art Fair 2014. | Part 1. | RECAP.

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The (e)merge Art Fair took place early this month and we can safely say that it is most intriguing art fairs that we have been to this year. While some art fairs can be a tad “stuffy” and congested, there was something more organic about this fair.

Held in Washington D.C., we packed up our bare necessities and made the road trip from New York to our nation’s capital. This was (e)merge Art Fair’s fourth edition and it has gained a considerable amount of notoriety, so we were halfway expecting to see a few signs reading “Emerge Art Fair or Bust” along the way.

Although (e)merge is still relatively young in art fair years, it taps into the vein of the creative community in a way that separates it from its counterparts. The art is warm and inviting–and so are the people! This accurately showcases the creative renaissance that is taking place in D.C.

See you there next year!





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  1. I’m a local artist who’s very interested in displaying my abstract art in your venue. What is the process for being a part of this event?

  2. I’m a local artist in the DC Metropolitan area with 30 years of experience and would like to know how I can become apart of this organization where I can display my artwork.

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